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Our customers say it best...

Blue Marble made our jobs so much easier. We didn't know how we were going to keep all our information current and our success depended on it. Our new database saved the day." — Non-profit in Denver, Colorado



"In 90 days, we had better information at our fingertips and we saved days and days of time because our database started doing things for us like creating mailing labels, emailing our clients and categorizing our prospects." — Marketing Company in Los Angeles, CA




Having a database company that helps you evolve your database is important. Very few databases stay the same for ever.

"I can call anytime and know that I won't wait months for help with my database. My database changes to be more valuable as my company grows." — Manufacturing Company in Denver, Colorado




Data processing and data analysis don't have to be left up to you. Blue Marble has resources to record and professionally analyze your data.

"Our huge amounts of data are processed on time and we get our analysis in a timely way. Visually, Blue Marble does a great job of showing me what my data means. They can do special analysis projects on a moment's notice, too." — Public Relations Firm in New York, New York.




Not every engineer is trained in database science. We are often called on to repair a database that has become a nightmare of bad information and frustrating tasks.

"Our database was designed by someone else. Let's just say that Blue Marble knew how to do it right when we finally got smart enough to ask them for help." — Civil Engineering Firm in Montana




Preserving data is especially important when human resources involve volunteers or small groups that handle large amounts of data.

"We know that our data is not going to be lost forever because we use a professionally designed database. The history that our volunteers record is available for all that come after us." — Historic Transportation Organization, Western United States.


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